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Online Fish Shooting Malaysia

In Malaysia, arcades are buzzing with activity, drawing both young and old enthusiasts at all hours. Amidst the array of gaming options, one machine stands out – the fishing arcade. Unlike traditional shoot 'em up games, the fishing arcade offers a unique twist: players can earn real-life cash with each target they shoot. While some play for profit, many Malaysians indulge in the fishing arcade for pure entertainment, relishing the excitement and attention it garners.

Malaysia Online Fishing Game

As technology evolves, the crowd in local arcades is thinning out, signaling a shift towards online platforms. Online fishing games offer unparalleled convenience, allowing players to engage anytime, anywhere, without restrictions or interruptions. The transition to online platforms is evident, mirroring the broader trend in the online casino industry, offering diverse entertainment content beyond fish shooting games, including slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, and more. At Winbox, one of Malaysia's premier online casinos, fishing games take center stage and we features a variety of captivating options.

PT Fishing

Playtech fishing, or PT fishing, offers an ocean exploration experience with an array of weapons, including pistols, rifles, and harpoons. A betting system unlocks new guns, providing players with incentives to strategize and enhance their arsenal.

Fishing God

Fishing God appeals to players of all ages with its simple gameplay rules. While physically and mentally undemanding, the game offers rewards for those seeking a challenge. The arcade features diverse targets, guns, and bombs, requiring strategic bullet usage to maximize rewards.

Embrace the Winbox Experience

Stop hesitating and dive into the exciting world of online gaming at Winbox. Whether you're drawn to fishing games, slots, live table games, or sports betting, Winbox offers a diverse range of thrilling experiences. Don't miss out on the action – head to Winbox now!


GG Fishing

GG Fishing introduces Fishing World, a benchmark for quality in the fishing game genre. Celebrated by enthusiasts and reviewers alike, Fishing World sets the standard for newer fishing games. GG Gaming, a leading online software provider in Malaysia, stands behind this iconic franchise.

SA Fishing

SA Fishing, with its flagship game Fishermen Gold, stands out with user-friendly game settings. The arena-type game is optimized for desktop and mobile users, offering a seamless experience. Players can develop personalized strategies, exploring different ammo and gun combinations for varied play styles.

Fishing War

Embark on a journey of ocean exploration and warfare in Fishing War. Players can switch between single or double shooting cannons, utilizing a lightning slash special attack to tackle high-value fish. With three levels catering to different skill levels, players can choose their preferred challenge.

Promotions and Bonuses

Playing online fishing games on Winbox brings additional perks beyond the game itself. With 24/7 technical support, players experience a seamless gaming journey. Winbox offers various promotions and bonuses related to fishing games, providing additional incentives:

  1. Weekly Turnover Bonus: By playing Fishing World on Winbox, players can earn the right to claim a Weekly Turnover Bonus, offering up to 1,288 MYR in awarded free credits. Meeting the minimum turnover requirement is essential to unlock this rewarding bonus.

  2. 30% Daily Reload Bonus: Depositing a specific amount into the Winbox wallet qualifies players for a 30% Daily Reload Bonus, with free credits potentially reaching up to 1,000 MYR. This daily-refreshed bonus adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

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